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Spearnose skate


Introduction: The body of the spearnose skate (Raja alba) are almost quadrangular in shape. The front end is a pronounced long, pointed snout. The tail is almost as long as the body. There are 2 dorsal fins, both set far back on the tail. The mouth has between 40 and 45 rows of pavement teeth in each jaw. Raja is Latin for 'skate' and alba means 'white' a reference to their body spots.

Distribution: Throughout Namibian waters from the Kunene River mouth south to Mowe Bay, Terrace Bay, Torra Bay, Henties Bay, Jakkalsputz, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay to Luderitz and the Orange River.

Diet: Burrowing molluscs, prawns and some speices of small fish.

Colouration: Grey-brown overall body colour or darker brown. Adults often display whitish spots, scattered around the upper surface.

Breeding: Females produce 2 or more large, quadrangular, mermaid-purse egg capsules, which are attached to underwater plants.

Max size: 180cm disc width. Max weight: 97kg.

De Duine Hotel

A small hotel situated in the coastal town of Henties Bay

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