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Southern Mullet


Introduction: Southern mullets (Liza richardsonii) are also known as harders is an old Dutch name for a similar European fish with a 'hard' body. The elongated body has a pointed snout, covered with numerous distinct scales along the sides. The mouth is surrounded by thin lips and in adults the jaws are toothless. Liza is a common Spanish name for the fish and richardsonii refers to the famous naturalist Richardson they were first name after.

Distribution: The coastal waters of Namibia including Torra Bay, Terrace Bay, Henties Bay, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay and Luderitz.

Diet: Easily digestible diatoms, a microscopic plant and fine sand particles.

Colouration: Overall silvery body sheen, darker above and white below. A yellow blotch on the gill covers is visible.

Breeding: Spawning takes place during spring in shallow waters. Sexual maturity is reached at about 20cm.

Max size: 40cm. Max weight: 0.5kg.

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