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Introduction: Dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) normally occur in pairs, an unusual occurrence in pelagic fish. Apart from their dazzling tints and body shades, minute cycloid scales cover the lateral line. Coryphaena refers to their 'helment-shaped' head and hippurus means 'horsetail. The name Dolphinfish relates to their resemblance of the mammalian dolphin.

Distribution: Wide-ranging oceanic range found throughout Namibian waters.

Diet: Small fish such as juvenile triggerfish, squid, mantis shrimps and crab.

Colouration: The brilliant colours of dolphinfish are metallic blue-green, usually with orange or golden blotches and specks. The anal fin is golden and the remaining fins dusky. Trauma and behavioural patterns can cause colour changes; for instance silvery-blue is an indication of a feeding phase, yellow denotes stress or capture shock. On death, an overall bluish-grey colour with small, black spots on the back and sides emerges.

Breeding: Peak spawning season is in summer.

Max size: 180cm. Max weight: 26kg.

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