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Cape Silverside


Introduction: Cape silversides (Atherina breviceps) have a fairly small head on an elongated body. The fins are well-developed with 2 separate fins set well back on the body. They are a common fish, endemic to coastal and estuarine waters, found in reasonably large shoals. Preyed upon by a wide variety of gamefish and sea going birds. Atherina is Old Greek for 'smell' and brevicepsmeans 'short head'.

Distribution: From the Orange River mouth north to Luderitz as far as Sandwich Harbour.

Diet: Feeds on copepods, crab larvae and large plankton.

Colouration: The upper surface is a dusky colour, speckled with black pigmentations. There is a very bright, sliver, lateral stripe down each side.

Breeding: The adhesive filaments on large eggs allows them to be attached to plants.

Max size: 10cm.

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