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Cape Anchovy


Introduction: A Cape anchovy (Engraulis japonicus) has a slender body, slightly flattened from side to side with a rounded belly, covered in scales. It is one of the most fished species in southern African waters, inhabiting coastal waters from the surface down to 400m. Engraulis is an old Greek word meaning 'small fish' and japonicus 'of Japan' where this species was first discovered. Anchovy are a very tasty fish, not only to humans but to other fish as well. Many bony fish, dolphins, sharks, whales, tuna, seals and birds eat them in their tens of thousands.

Distribution: Orange River mouth north past Bogenfels to Luderitz extending to Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

Diet: A filter feeder, staining small planktonic animals such as copepods.

Colouration: Bright silvery when first caught with a bluish upper surface and whitish belly. Each flank sports a bright-silver stripe.

Breeding: A serial spawner with extended spawning season occurring during spring and summer.

Max size: 13cm.

Luderitz Nest Hotel

Situated on a prime sea front location - close to everything the town of Luderitz has to offer.

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