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Risso's Dolphin

marine life of Namibia

Introduction: There is a decent chance (but not guaranteed) of spotting Risso's dolphin (Grampus griseus) whilst on a boat trip at Swakopmund, Walvis Bay or Luderitz, as this species is the 3rd most frequently encountered dolphin besides the bottlenose and common dolphin. The head is bulbous with a vertical crease to the fore and they occur in small groups of around 10. The largest of the dolphins they communicate by a series of whistles and use sonar for echolocation.

Distribution: The deep waters of the Namibian coastline.

Diet: Cephalopods and small fish, hunted by eyesight.

Colouring: Light-grey body with large white blotches underneath. The entire body has extensive linear scars, caused by social interaction. Older individuals are almost white.

Breeding: A single calf is born during the summer months, after a gestation period of a year, and are about 1.5m in length.

Size: Varies from 3.6m to 4m in length. Weight: From 300 to 500kg.

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