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Heavyside Dolphin

marine life of Namibia

Introduction: The heaviside dolphin is the only endemic cetacean to the west coast of southern Africa. They live in small groups of up to 20, but sometimes form schools of a few hundred and are usually associated with a water depth of less than 100m. This results in them being frequently sighted inshore and makes them a real tourist attraction at Luderitz where they can be seen on the Sedina boat cruise and other Namibian coastal regions. They are known to associate readily with sailing and motor boats and will 'escort' them, sometimes for hours. This is the most regularly seen dolphin along the Namibian coast.

Distribution: All along the Namibian coastline in a range that is limited to the cold Benguela Current.

Diet: Fish such as hake.

Colouring: The heaviside dolphin has a small, fat and dark upper body, with black and white side markings. There are white patches on the underside.

Breeding: Little is known of the seasonal breeding habits, other than a single calf is born.

Size: The average size is 1.7m in length and a weight of 70kg. A calf is around 85cm at birth.

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