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West Coast Rock Lobster


The West Coast rock lobsters (Jasus lalandii) are also known as spiny lobsters, langouste and especially in Namibia, crayfish. Spiny lobsters can be easily distinguished from other lobsters by their very long, thick, spiny antennae and by the lack of claws (chelae) on the first 4 pairs of walking legs. They live in crevices of rocks and coral reefs. Around 30mm in size they have orange-brown bodies with orange, blue and green tail-fans.

They feed on mussels, barnacles and urchins and themselves are preyed upon by octopus, Cape fur seals and dogsharks. Like all true lobsters, they are a favoured food source. Relatives include furry lobsters and slipper lobsters. The west coast rock lobster inhabits the warm seas and coastal waters of Namibia from the mouth of the Orange River north to Sandwich Harbour, Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

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