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Violet-spotted Anemone


Introduction: Violet-spotted anemones (Anthostella stephensoni) are usually found singly or in small groups in sandy areas, near or below low tide. There are 48 short, blunt tentacles spreading away from the mouth.

Distribution: From the Orange River north along the Sperrgebeit coastal region to Luderitz extending no further north than Oyster Cliffs.

Colouration: Yellow column decorated with bright violet spots.

Breeding: Either sexual/body division.

Max size: 30mm in diameter.

Kolmanskop Ghost Town

visit the Kolmanskop Ghost town near Luderitz

Pomona & Bogenfels Day Tour

trip into the Sperrgebiet (forbidden diamond area) with visits to the abandonded mining town of Pomona & the rock arch at Bogenfels

Catamaran Cruises

Several cruises around Luderitz harbour, options include sunset cruises & a visit to an oyster farm