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Zebra River Lodge

Tsaris Mountains - Namibia

Set in it's own canyon, with 13,000ha's to explore, Zebra River Lodge is situated in the Tsaris Mountains. It has been described by many as an 'oasis amidst the canyons.' The lodge is well-situated for day trips to the dunes to Sossusvlei or the nearby Naukluft Mountains. There are also several natural springs within easy reach of the lodge, ideal for a days walking and bird watching. (Black eagles and rosy-faced lovebirds are resident here.)

The lodge is sheltered amongst the rugged mountain landscape with the farmhouse having been converted into the main building, which has a lounge, dining room and a bar. Postcards and a few souvenirs are on sale here. A recent innovation is the organic fruit & vegetable garden which supplies the kitchen with lettuce, tomatoes, aubergines, butternut, beans, peppers and lots more. These are then converted into superb home-cooked meals which are served from the lodge's set menu. It has been noted by many guests and guide books alike that Zebra River Lodge is 'one of the friendliest, most welcoming places in Namibia.'

There are 13 individually, decorated and spacious rooms. Each rooms has its own unique character, part of the appeal here is that this in not a lodge with a standard formula, the lodge has developed over many years (and several owners) and rooms have been built to best incorporate the natural environment. However all rooms have en-suite bathrooms, mosquito nets & fly-screens are fitted to the windows. Each room also has a veranda for guests to relax and enjoy the lodge's cool, shady setting.

When the weather is warm (which is most of the time) meals are enjoyed on the shaded stoep (patio) at the front of the lodge, while when less favourable weather conditions prevail their is a large indoor dining area. The grounds of the Zebra River Lodge are beautiful & incorporate many indigenous plants & plenty of the local rock.

There is much to do and see at Zebra River Lodge. There are a number of marked walking trails,with varying degrees of difficulty. The surrounding area has several natural springs, well-worth the effort for either day hikes, or 4x4 drives. A spotlit waterhole, which can be viewed from the lodge patio, allows you to watch the local wildlife while enjoying your meal. Animals here includes mountain zebra, kudu, klipspringer, baboons and leopards. Recently, much to the owners delight, Oryx have also been spotted at the waterhole.

Guests can visit scenic spots on the plateau's, that overlook the canyons. Geology, paleontology, archeology and, of course, ornithology, are all available in and around Zebra River Lodge.

There is a landing-strip right outside of the main building.

Accommodation in Namibia

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  • Zebra River Lodge: Pool
  • Zebra River Lodge: Typical Landcapes
  • Zebra River Lodge: Ftg Canyon
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activities at the lodge
The lodge is of international interest as it has the oldest fossils of stromatolites and namacalatus (the very first living organisms with a shell) discovered anywhere in the world.
There are numerous hiking trips which range in length from half an hour to a full day (maps and advice are available at the lodge). Those going on longer hikes can be supplied with lunch packs - guided hikes can also be arranged.
Zebra River Lodge has 118 species of Namibian birds including Verreauxs (Black) Eagle, Pygmy Falcon, Auger Buzzard, Herero Chat and Rüppell’s Korhaan.
Wine tours
To a neighboring farm can be arranged on request.
Guided trip to springs
There are several rock pools surrounded by whiled fig trees on the Zebra River Lodge property, giving the arid surroundings these little oasis' of green are a welcome sight when walking. Great for swimming and relaxing.
Sossusvlei Excursion
The lodge can offer guided tours to the dunes at Sossusvlei
activities in the area

Ballooning over Sossusvlei

Drift over the dune fields at Sossusvlei and enjoy a champagne breakfast wherever the wind takes you

Scenic Flights

light aircraft regularly depart on scenic flights over Sossusvlei and its surroundings

Static Map

Map of Zebra River Lodge

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Directions to the lodge

Located due east of Sesriem and south-east of the Naukluft mountains, in the canyons of the Tsaris Mountains. Zebra River Lodge is situated on the D 850, 19 km from the intersection with the D 854 and 10 km from the intersection with the D 855. Accessible with a normal sedan car, but care must be taken on the rocky & bumpy 5 km driveway.

interactive map
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Zebra River Lodge

Another excellent place for hiking, in the Tsaris Mountains. If you want a genuinely warm welcome at a special lodge then this is an excellent choice. Zebra River can be used as a base for visits to the dunes at Sossusvlei, but is best used to relax and walk on the massive lodge property

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