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Wabi Waterberg Lodge

Waterberg - Namibia

Wabi Waterberg Lodge is an ideal stopover for a couple of nights in the Waterberg region of Namibia. Travellers can look forward to a small, eco-friendly lodge that has the unusual attraction of offering its guests guided game drives and hiking on a plateau. Located on a privately owned reserve in a malaria free area, the overall ambiance is enhanced by the dry riverbed setting which is embedded with camelthorn trees.

The original Herero name of Wabi is Otjahewita, and means 'the last place of battle'. Set against the backdrop of the massive Waterberg Plateau and it's unique sandstone formations, which in the brilliance of the evening lights, appears to be on fire.

A full breakfast, light lunch, or 3-course dinner are served at the lodge's restaurant. Superb game dishes are a specialty and the kitchen caters for vegetarians.

Many guests head for the evergreen garden after a hard day's drive or walk to the top of the plateau. It's shady trees and relaxing pool area, is an inviting spot for a dip, sunbathe or to simply enjoy the sights and sounds of the African bush. The pool overlooks a waterhole.

There are 8 Standard Bungalow. 6 of them have a mountain and riverbed view. The other 2 have a view of the Wabi Garden. En-suite bathroom, bedroom, living room and a porch are standard.

Activities include day 4x4 and walking trails, where guests can expect to see a wide variety of animals including white rhino, leopard, (not guaranteed) cheetah, brown hyena, water buffalo, roan antelope, sable, waterbuck, nyala, red letschwe, giraffe, zebra and even hippos. On a night time spotlit game drive, porcupine, pangolin, honey badger, and genet can be added to the list. There is also a 2ha enclosures home to 2 cheetahs, no longer able to cope and hunt for themselves in the bush.

Bird lovers need not go any further than the beautifully kept gardens for a twitch, with over 230 varieties previously recorded in the area. The sounds and sights of hornbills, babblers and glossy starling abound, in and amongst such colourful flowers as plumago, fuchsia, hibiscus and laurel roses, to name but a few.

There are a number of hiking tours on and around the the Waterberg Plateau itself, and in the dry riverbed, next to where the lodge is built. A hugely enjoyable day can be rounded off with a sundowner at Hippolake, next to the warmth of an inviting open fire.

Wabi Lodge - preserving the legacy of the true Namibian safari!

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  • Wabi Lodge: Pool Area
  • Wabi Lodge: Giraffe
  • Wabi Lodge: Cheetah
  • Wabi Lodge: Waterberg
  • Wabi Lodge: Lodge Exterior
  • Wabi Lodge: Baboons
  • Wabi Lodge: Bungalow
  • Wabi Lodge: Hippo
  • Wabi Lodge: Room Exterior
  • Wabi Lodge: Waterberg Scenery
  • Wabi Lodge: Dik-Dik
  • Wabi Lodge: Lounge
  • Wabi Lodge: Marabu Storks
  • Wabi Lodge: Lodge Entrance
  • Wabi Lodge: Sable
  • Wabi Lodge: Blesbok
  • Wabi Lodge: Buffalo
  • Wabi Lodge: Bathroom
  • Wabi Lodge: Girrafe In The Landscape
  • Wabi Lodge: Bateleur
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activities at the lodge

Up-close and personnel with the White Rhino, Hippo, Sable, Roan, Nyala, Leopard & Cheetah and lot's of species more. Observe in silence the Wildlife while venturing through WABI's bush - savannas.
Extended hiking tours
on and around the Waterberg Plato at WABI (more than 70 km2 on the Waterberg Plato). Therefore our lodge is the only one in the Waterberg region, which can offer its guests guided hiking tours on the Waterberg Plateau.
Night gamedrives with spotlight.
Experience Adventure Africa by night! It is possible to spot Porcupine, Antbear, Pangolin, Honey badger, Caracal, Genet cat, Brown Hyena, Cheetah and Leopard.
Sundowner at Hippolake
with a romantic fire. Be inspired by the sights & sounds of the African sunset, as the day bids farewell. Mountain drives on the Waterberg Plato at WABI. Be astounded by the untouched wilderness of the Mountain.
Hiking tours
in the dry riverbed at which the Lodge has been built. Be accompanied by century old Camelthorn trees that will summen your trail giving you shade from hot African sun.
activities in the area
Cheetah Conservation Fund
The natural habitat of Cheetah in the wild has shrunk dramatically all over the world. Thus the fastest terrestrial animal on the planet has become a highly endangered species. With about 2,500 animals, Namibia boasts the largest Cheetah population on earth. In order to protect Cheetah in Namibia, the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) was founded in 1990.
The CCF information centre is as entertaining as instructive and definitely worthwhile. Cheetah which no longer can be released into the wilds for various reasons, are kept in large enclosures next to the centre. You will be able to take stunning pictures of the big cats. On certain days visitors are also welcome to watch Cheetah at full speed during their sprint-training.
Vulture Restaurant
The Rare and Endangered Species Trust (REST), established in 2000, is mainly concerned with protecting the Cape vulture which is an endangered species in Namibia. Once there were seven colonies of about 2,000 birds in the country. Now, only one colony of eleven Cape vultures remains in the cliffs of Waterberg. For observing and studying the birds, REST set up a vulture restaurant with an observation screen. Carrion is regularly laid out at the restaurant, which does attract Cape vultures and hundreds of White-backed and Lappet-faced vultures.
The screen is very suitable for taking good pictures. Visitors can also get acquainted with Nelson, a flightless vulture which is kept in a large aviary. A host of interesting facts about these useful scavengers can be learnt at REST's research and study centre.
Waterberg Plateau
Thanks to rich springs, the eastern cliffs of 'Water Mountain' are characterised by an almost subtropical abundance of flora. The plateau of this table mountain was proclaimed a nature reserve in 1972. Animal species in need of protection - such as Sable Antelope, Buffalo and Rhino - were resettled there. Furthermore, Rüppell's parrot and other rare types of birds can be spotted. From the semi-state rest camp a path leads up to the rocks at the edge of the plateau where Rock Hyrax and Klipspringer are found. The historic police station now houses a restaurant with numerous pictures from the olden days.
OvaHerero cultural centre
Farm Hamakari is situated east of Waterberg, close to the little town of Okakarara. At Hamakari OvaHerero fighters suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of German troops in 1904. At the historic site a cultural and tourism centre is now being established, which will house an exhibition on the history and culture of the Ovaherero people; local arts and crafts will also be sold there.
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Wabi Game Lodge Map

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Directions to the lodge

Turn off the B1 (about 30km south of Otjiwarongo) in a westerly direction onto the C22 towards the Waterberg Plateau. Follow the C22 in the direction of Okakarara until the junction with the C2512, where you turn left (this is marked for Wabi Game Lodge) the lodge is a further 54kms along this road.

interactive map
AloeGrove Safari Lodge

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Frans Indongo Lodge

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Okonjima Bush Suite

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Otjiwa Safari Lodge

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Wabi Lodge

A large game farm which numbers the rare White Rhino amongst its species.

Waterberg Guest Farm

Small 8 room guest farm with an emphasis on conserving the natural eco-systems

Waterberg Rest Camp

The NWR run camp situated on the slopes of the plateau. Fairly standard and slightly overpriced accommodation, the old police station which has been converted to a restaurant is a scenic (if not taste) highlight.

Waterberg Wilderness Lodge

Excellent choice for walking and visiting the highlights of the area

Waterberg Wilderness Plateau Lodge

On the same property aw the Waterberg Wilderness Lodge but situated higher up the mountain offering excellent views

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