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Kavango - Namibia

Situated proudly at the confluence of the Cuito and Okavango Rivers is Shamvura Camp. Located roughly halfway between the northern Namibian towns of Rundu and Divundu, the seclusion and privacy offered by a riverside setting make it the ideal stopover on your northern Namibian safari. Individual travellers and families who would like to stay for a number of days and self-cater, would find this camp particularly appealing.

Spectacular views of the immediate Angolan floodplains are infinite, guarded by the mysteries of a meandering Okavango River. It is the same river that provides life for the surrounding riverine forest and woodland. The extensive fauna-rich ecosystem enables a large diversity of wildlife to thrive. Shamvura Camp respect and appreciate these gifts and have made it a paradise for keen nature lovers, with birding a speciality.

Owner/managers Mike and Charlie Paxton pride themselves on personalized and friendly service. Mike is a well-known naturist with over 40 years experience and Charlie has been actively involved in community-based craft developments in both the Kavango and Caprivi Regions for many years. Guests and staff mingle freely and share the lodge space with a variety of pets ranging from dogs, mongeese, guineafowl and our personal favourite, Bokkie, the large, enegmatic, cigarette chewing, television watching goat (yup! he has his own chair in the lounge for the purpose of watching TV)

The main complex has a private bar, a lounge with DSTV and a viewing deck. Home-cooked meals are served in the kitchen. Other facilities include a swimming pool, laundry service, internet connection and secure parking. Visitors to Shamvura interested in crafts and basketry have the opportunity to meet crafters on site or on an excursion. A wide selection of handcrafts and basketry are available.

The accommodation is modest but private and suitable for small self-catering parties. Features include mosquito nets, daily servicing, linen and firewood. Separate all-weather entrance roads with spacious turning and safe parking are standard. There is:

Tree Top Cottage:

This cottage sleeps 4 and is supplied with electricity. It is elevated on a wooden platform in the forest with great views from a private verandah. It has:

  • 1 x large main bedroom with a double and single bed, a ceiling fan and en-suite bathroom.
  • An open-plan dining/kitchen/living area with space for 2 x extra beds.

The kitchen is equipped with:

  • A fridge/freezer, stove, crockery and cutlery for 6 people.
  • A private braai area.

Maroela Tent:

This tent sleeps 2. There is no electricity but battery lamps are provided. Elevated on a wooden platform there are excellent river views from a private verandah. It has:

  • En-suite shower/toilet facilities.
  • A private braai area and washing area.

Combretum Tent:

A shady cabin tent that can sleep 4. There is no electricity but battery lamps are provided. It lies on a raised cement base with a covered veranda. It has:

  • Nearby shower/toilet facility (not en-suite).
  • A private braai and washing area.

Manketti Tent:

A cabin tent that can sleep 3. There is no electricity but battery lamps are provided. It is raised on a wooden platform with a private veranda offering a good view of the floodplains. It has:

  • En-suite shower facilities.
  • A private braai and washing area.

Ushivi Tent:

A shady cabin tent that sleeps 4. There is electricity, lights and a plug point. It is near the main complex but a reed-fence ensures total privacy. Unfortunately there is no view. It has:

  • Double ablution facilities within the enclosed area.

The kitchen is equipped with:

  • A fridge/freezer, stove, crockery and cutlery for up to 8 people.
  • A private braai area with outside lighting.

Activities at Shamvura include a number of organized trips by road, on foot or by boat.

Accommodation in Namibia

  • Shamvura Camp: Permanently errected en-suite tent
  • Shamvura Camp: Birdlife in the area is prolific
  • Shamvura Camp: Carmine Bee-eater that breed in the river banks from August to November
  • Shamvura Camp: Mokoro's are used for river transportation
  • Shamvura Camp: Tented unit
  • Shamvura Camp: Hippos
  • Shamvura Camp: Colourful frogs
  • Shamvura Camp: Image
  • Shamvura Camp: Bokkie the pet goat with Charlie
  • Shamvura Camp: Tent interior
  • Shamvura Camp: Barred Owl in the Manketti tree near the swimming pool
  • Shamvura Camp: Crocodile
  • Shamvura Camp: Locally made baskets
  • Shamvura Camp: Clawless Otter
  • Shamvura Camp: Uju and Ottie (Cape Clawless Otter) playing
  • Shamvura Camp: African Fish Eagle
  • Shamvura Camp: The deck overlookng the Okavango River
  • Shamvura Camp: River views
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Birding is a speciality here. The extensive floodplains of the Okavango River systems afford the best there is. Their current tick list numbers 412 species. Grey-headed and Meyer’s parrots regularly fly overhead. Knobthorn forest provides an excellent raptor habitat. Lookout for wood owl, barred owlet, white-faced scops-owl, western banded snake eagle, African goshawk, black sparrowhawk, Peregrine falcon, African hobby and Bat hawk to name but a lot! Chats, boubou, tchagra, barbets, bulbuls,flycatchers, woodpeckers and sunbirds abound. Wood hoopoes. Shelley’s sunbird is also often seen here.
Smaller seedeaters such as firefinches, waxbills, warblers, cisticolas, larks and pipits are plentiful. Rosy-throated longclaw, yellow wagtail, dwarf bittern, snipes, cuckoo-finch and other waders are attracted when seasonal rain waters fill up local pans. A registered bird-ranging station has qualified staff available to bird-watchers.
Specialized guided walks can be arranged. The uninhabited floodplains afford some excellent walking opportunities in the drier months. There are no large game species in the area anymore but some interesting plains bird species, smaller mammals, insects and reptiles have survived.
Boat trips:
The extensive floodplains attract breeding and feeding birds. A boat trip on the river reveals many species such as lapwing, snipe, kingfishers, bee-eaters, rails, crakes, lesser jacana, ducks, geese, heron, egrets and many other waders and waterbirds.
An unusual activity at Shamvura, and one that highlights the intensity and love for birding is bird-ringing. Strategically placed ringing stations, complete with qualified and registered ringers, are on site. There are 2 choices of a daily ringing programme available with hands-on capture and ringing procedures covered. Prior notification will be required.
The immediate stretch of Okavango River offers excellent opportunities to catch tiger fish, catfish, bream, thin-face and hump-back largemouth and ‘Three-spot’. Light spinning rods and a variety of lures, spinners, live-bait or drift-bait can be used.
Mokoro 'Wato' Trips:
A peaceful option of being 'poled' through the waterways and channels of the floodplains is a great experience. A variety of interesting plant, fish and bird life are best observed from January to May, when the water levels of the river are highest.
Game Parks:
There are 2 distinctly different locations within 1hr's drive.
  • Mahango Game Park: The riverine routes in Mahango are suitable for 2x4 vehicles but the majority of the park is not. Most of the game and birds are within reach of the riverine areas. As it is a relatively small park, guided day trips can be quite rewarding.
  • Kaudom Game Park: Closer than Mahango NP, but some prior planning must be taken. It is a large, remote destination, dotted with unmarked routes. Rules and regulations stipulate that at least 2 x vehicles at a time enter for safety reasons.
Micro light flights:
View the stunning scenery of the Angolan floodplains and meandering Kavango River from the air
Traditional dance and music sessions
Local cultural dancing group from the Gciriku regularly entertain guests.
Static Map

Map of Shamvura Lodge

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Directions to the lodge

From the B8 between Rundu and Divundu head north on the D3413. At the T-junction (with the D3402) turn left and follow this road for about 8km's until you come to the entrance to Shamvura

interactive map
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Shamvura Camp

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