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Quiver Tree Forest Rest Camp

near Keetmanshoop - southern Namibia

The Quivertree Forest, with its curious and picturesque trees, can be viewed on the Farm Gariganus, about 13 km north-east from Keetmanshoop. On the farm, visitors can explore the ancient and famous Quivertree Forest, and the Giants Playground.

The quiver trees are so named because the ancient Bushmen used to manufacture quivers from the bark from the trees, in which to carry their arrows. These trees are also known as Kokkerboom in Afrikaans, and they produce a bright yellow flower common in the southern Namib Desert and the Northern Cape of South Africa.

The trees in the forest are not trees at all. They do look like a weird kind of tree, but are in fact the genus Aloe, called Aloe dictoma in Latin.

The second site of interest in the area is the Giants Playground. Here you can see a massive collection of amazing Dolerite balancing rock formations, piled up on top of each other, primarily by millions of years of wind erosion. The Giants Playground is well-named, as visitors can just imagine giants playing with these massive stone toys.

There is a restaurant/bar in the main building. Breakfast and dinner are served from a set menu, but lunch can only be organized if booked in advance.

Acommodation is in either Guest Houses, Bungalows or a Family Room:
  • Guest House A: Overnight in 2 double rooms, each with 2 single beds, and 1 double room with 1 double bed. Each room has a private shower and WC plus air-conditioning. There is also a lounge with mini-bar and a fully-equipped kitchen.
  • Guest House B: As House A but with 2 double rooms, each with 2 single beds. The facilities are also similar.
  • Igloo Bungalows: 3 of the Igloo bungalows have a double bed and a single bed. The other 5 have 3 single beds. Each Igloo has a fully equipped kitchen, mini-bar, private shower, WC, and air-conditioning.
  • Family Room: Equipped with a double bed, 3 single beds, a private shower, WC, mini-bar and air-conditioning.

Guests at the Quiver Tree Rest Camp have the opportunity to interact with the variety of domestic and tamed wild animals, including warthog and suricat. The highlight and most popular of these activities, is the fixed time cheetah feeding, which happens at 16h00 in the winter and 17h00 in the summer.

Other highlights in the region include self-drive visits to the Naute Dam, and the the farm Spitskop Ost with its mesoaurus fossils.

Accommodation in Namibia

  • Quiver Tree Forest Restcamp: Bungalow
  • Quiver Tree Forest Restcamp: Lodge Environs
  • Quiver Tree Forest Restcamp: Quiver Tree
  • Quiver Tree Forest Restcamp: Restaurant
  • Quiver Tree Forest Restcamp: Room Interior
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Visit the Quiver tree Forest
these trees were used by indigenous bushman people to make quivers for their arrows and the Quiver Tree forest has been proclaimed a Namibian National Monument
Visit the Giant's Playground
these strange balancing rock formations are a highlight of the area
Cheetah feeding
Winter 16h00, Summer 17h00
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Map of Quiver Tree Forest Rest Camp

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Directions to the lodge

The Quiver Tree Forest Rest Camp is Located 14 km north-east of Keetmanshoop on the road M29. The turning is located just north of Keetmanshoop from the B1 road.

interactive map
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