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Nhoma Camp

Tsumkwe - Bushmanland - Namibia

Nhoma Safari Camp is a small bushman activity oriented, luxury tented camp run by the owners Arno and Estelle Oosthuysen. They offer a totally unique and unbelievable experience to guests who can participate in a San / Bushmen village life in an understanding but totally authentic way.

It is beautifully set on a dune, vegetated with Zambezi Teak trees, with a 180 degree view over the Nhoma Omuramba (fossil river bed). The location, adjacent to the Ju/'hoan Bushman / San village by the name of //nhoq’ma, allows for an array of cultural activities to be taught. Nhoma Safari camp is situated in the north-east of Namibia, 80 kms from Tsumkwe and 280 kms from Grootfontein. It is only 60 km, or a one-and-a-half hour drive on 4WD track, from the Khaudum National Park.

The //nhoq'ma community, of about 50 adults and 100 children earn valuable income from tourism which allows them to buy food and supplies not provided by the surrounding environment. Without this income, the community would have left their ancestral land and moved to settled areas such as Tsumkwe, where alcoholism is rife.

At the highest point of the hillside overlooking the river valley, is the pole-and-thatch shelter, where all meals are served buffet style. Tea and coffee is available throughout the day. Beyond this is the camp-fire, a popular gathering point before and after dinner, to exchange the day's experiences.

Accommodation is in 10 walk-in Meru-style tented rooms elevated on wooden decks. All of the furniture is made by the owner Arno with the help of the community. Throw rugs cover the floor and cream and brown linens decorated with San motifs cover the beds.
  • Safari Tent: Each unit has an en-suite bathroom, private verandah and solar lights. Gauze netting is fitted to the tents. Some of the tents have double or twin beds with a corner bath. Others have twin beds with showers. Another option is double beds with corner baths. The bathroom is either a partition of the tents or set outside, enclosed by grass.
  • Family Safari Tent: The Family Safari Tents have either a double and a single bed and corner bath or a double and single bed with a shower. The bathroom is a partition of the tents. The facilities and fittings are similar to the Safari Tents.

Activities centre around the Bushmen and the village. Visitors are encouraged to spend most of their time with the local hunters – 3 or 4 men whose job it is to hunt in the traditional way – who provide meat for the village. The hunt is guided by Arno, who also acts as an interpreter. Along the way the Bushmen stop to point out various plants and explain their traditional use for food or medicine. A hunt could follow porcupine, spring hare, kudu or even wildebeest. Any meat, berries or nuts, will be prepared by the hunters on their return.

Other activities in the village include cooking, making crafts and medicines. Hunting skills such as preparing hides, setting traps for birds and animals, the production of arrows and quivers, are also demonstrated regularly. Head to the village in the evenings for traditional giraffe or elephant healing dances.

Ask about their day tours to Khaudum National Park and the Nyae Nyae Conservancy.

A unique and incredible Namibian, Bushmanland experience.

Accommodation in Namibia

  • Nhoma: Tent
  • Nhoma: Fireplace
  • Nhoma: Hunters
  • Nhoma: Bushman Huts
  • Nhoma: Child
  • Nhoma: Dama Game
  • Nhoma: Dancing
  • Nhoma: Dancing (2)
  • Nhoma: Dining Area2
  • Nhoma: Elders
  • Nhoma: After A Succesful Hunt
  • Nhoma: Gathering
  • Nhoma: Hard At Work
  • Nhoma: Bathroom
  • Nhoma: Hunting
  • Nhoma: Lapa
  • Nhoma: Making Arrows2
  • Nhoma: Making Rope
  • Nhoma: Bathroom (2)
  • Nhoma: Medicinal Roots
  • Nhoma: Ou Mamma
  • Nhoma: Springhare
  • Nhoma: Stingless Bee Nest
  • Nhoma: Tent Interior
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Activities in the village
this depends on what the villagers are doing, you have a chance to experience their daily routines be it cooking, creating jewelry, preparing hides, making hunting equipment such as quivers or arrows, preparing medicine. Afternoon activities start at 3 pm in winter and 4 pm in summer. There may or may not be a healing dance in the evening.
Cultural experience
guests are taken on a hunting/gathering excursion with four hunters. Skills such as fire making, rope making and trapping
Khaudum National Park
Day tours to this unfenced and unspoilt park (60 km away, but one and a half hour drive with a 4WD vehicle), is only recommended from July till October
Day tour to the Nyae Nyae pan
interesting bird life and the fascinating baobab trees to the east. (The area can become inaccessible from February to April as it may become water-logged).
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Map of Nhoma Lodge | Bushmanland

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Directions to the lodge

Take the B8 from Grootfontein to Rundu for 59km and turn off onto the C44, which is a good gravel road. The turn-off to Nhoma is approximately 185 km down the road and the sign reads Nhoma/Aasvoelnes (to the north). Nhoma is 40km further on. This is a proclaimed road, normally in good condition, but it may deteriorate unexpectedly and it is advisable to keep below a speed of 80kmh. There is a parking area below the dune on which the camp is situated where you will be met. Fuel is not available and guests should bring enough to reach their next destination!

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