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Kunene River Lodge

Accommodation on the Kunene River - Kaokoland - Namibia

Kunene River Lodge is situated on the northern border of Namibia on the banks of the River Kunene, which forms the boundary with Angola. It is 50kms west of the Ruacana Falls and 100km east of the Epupa Falls in the region known as Kaokoland. The terrain is rugged, but there are tarred roads as far as Ruacana. Local roads are generally good, gravel surfaces, although the riverside road is subject to occasional flooding during the wet season.

Kunene River Lodge nestles beneath a beautiful canopy of indigenous trees stretching down to the river. In addition to its idyllic setting, facilities and in-house activities, the lodge also serves as an ideal gateway for those setting out to explore the rugged and beautiful Kaokoland region of north-west Namibia. It has a restaurant, bar, pool and a shop and a laundry service. A popular gathering point, and focal point of the lodge is the large wooden deck built over the river which serves as the main seating area for the restaurant and bar.

Although the accommodation in the lodge is not to be considered as luxurious, the beautiful and tranquil environment more than makes up for any shortfall. All 11 rooms are laid out in the tranquil shade of jackalberry and leadwood trees.
  • Deluxe Rooms: The 7 spacious, slightly old-fashioned Deluxe Rooms are fully equipped with en-suite shower, WC and washbasin, remote controlled air-conditioning, fitted wardrobes and storage space. Some of the bungalows have double beds, others single beds. Overnight here in the summer, the air-conditioning more than pays for itself on those hot Namibian nights
  • A-Frame Bungalows: 4 rustic A-frame rooms are set in their own beautiful plot and you can expect a hint of the pioneering style of life. Some of chalets have double beds, others single beds. Every bungalow is equipped with an en-suite shower room, a WC washbasin, overhead cooling fan, wardrobe and storage area. Chill and relax and enjoy the view in the outside seating area.
  • Campsites: All the campsites are located next to the river and are equipped with an electric socket and a light, as well as the obligatory braai area. Most have a grassed area on which to pitch your tent (a luxury in Namibia).

Kunene River Lodge has offered white water rafting since the beginning of 1996 and has a large in-house rafting operation, equipped exclusively with top quality rafting equipment made by ARK. Large 6-man as well as small 2-man rafts are available. Kunene River Lodge employs SARA trained guides on a permanent basis and can handle large groups with the necessary care and expertise.

The level of the river permitting, river boarding can be done along with rafting. Although rafting operations are concentrated on the Ondoruzu Gorge, Kunene River Lodge can also offer tailor-made rafting trips of up to 5 days. The scenery along the river is stunning, consisting mainly of red boulders and hills which are interspersed with a variety of trees. Unfortunately wildlife in the area is not abundant, mainly due to serious poaching and hunting during the Namibian war of Independence - but much of the area around the lodge is now a conservancy and game is slowly being re-introduced. The fortunate guest may see a crocodile or hippo on the river, but the most common animals here are Nguni cows.

You can enjoy your sundowner overlooking the Kunene Valley with the sun setting over the Zebra Mountains, or you can take part in a sundowner cruise with a difference, quietly floating down the Kunene River, sipping your favourite drink.

Activities include white water rafting, river boarding, bird watching (this is one of the prime places to view the Cindarella Waxbill), sundowner cruises, canoeing, hiking, fishing and mountain biking.

Kunene River Lodge has become our favourite destinations in this part of Namibia and offers the perfect balance of tranquil surroundings (we could easily spend a week just chilling at the lodge - watching the river flow by), excellent service & management and fun activities (the rafting trips are a highlight - and although they are not 'hardcore' offer a perfect balance of time to enjoy the amazing scenery and the occasional adrenaline rush).

Accommodation in Namibia

  • Kunene River Lodge: Deck From The River
  • Kunene River Lodge: Chalet
  • Kunene River Lodge: Himba-family
  • Kunene River Lodge: Cinderella Waxbill
  • Kunene River Lodge: White-water-rafting
  • Kunene River Lodge: Hartlaub's Spurfowl
  • Kunene River Lodge: Family Deluxe Room
  • Kunene River Lodge: Aerial View Of The Lodge
  • Kunene River Lodge: Lush Surroundings
  • Kunene River Lodge: Olive Bee-eater
  • Kunene River Lodge: Rosy-faced Lovebird
  • Kunene River Lodge: Swimming-pool
  • Kunene River Lodge: Tents On The Kunene River Banks
  • Kunene River Lodge: Sundowner Trip
  • Kunene River Lodge: Yellow-billed Oxpecker
  • Kunene River Lodge: Rufous-tailed Palm-Thrush
  • Kunene River Lodge: The Bar And Deck Area
  • Kunene River Lodge: Meves Starling
  • Kunene River Lodge: Camping Area At Kunene River
  • Kunene River Lodge: Twin Deluxe Room
  • Kunene River Lodge: Rare Sighting Of Hippos
  • Kunene River Lodge: Trip On The River
  • Kunene River Lodge: Vervet Monkey
  • Kunene River Lodge: Croc
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White-Water Expedition Centre
The Ondorusu Gorge is the base for the majority of the rafting operations, but Kunene River Lodge also offers tailor-made rafting adventures of up to six days travelling, for example, to Epupa and its spectacular falls
Sundowner Cruise
drift lazily down the river with your favourite tipple on one of our Sundowner Cruises. Watch the ever changing forest and mountain scenery magically change colour, as the sun dips slowly beneath the horizon.
Cultural Visit to a Local Himba Village
The Himba people are proud yet friendly. With their permission we are allowed to visit a local village (kraal) to gain a unique insight into their history, culture, traditions and way of life which, unlike so many others elsewhere, survives virtually unchanged into the 21st century.
Bird Watching
The region hosts some endemic species, and several near-endemics, making it a very exciting area for bird enthusiasts to visit and explore. Of considerable interest, and principal among the endemics, are the Cinderella Waxbill and Rufous-tailed Palm Thrush.The Rufous-tailed Palm Thrush breeds well in the grounds of Kunene River Lodge, whilst the first Cinderella nest to be found in the wild was discovered close to the lodge in June 2008.
Enjoy a day paddling around on the Kunene River.
River fishing
Angle from the lodge grounds or from the riverbanks further afield.
There are a number of trails along the river and in the nearby hills of the lodge.
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Kunene River Lodge | Map

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Directions to the lodge

To reach Kunene River Lodge by car you can drive via Ruacana towards Swartbooisdrift or via Opuwa-Otjiveze (RD3700 and RD3701). Please take note however, that the road between Ruacana and Epupa is particularly bad and only suitable for vehicles with a fairly high ground clearance.

interactive map
Epupa Camp

A tented camp on the banks of the Kunene River close to Epupa Falls and Himba settlements

Epupa Falls Lodge

A rustic option but closest situated to Epupa Falls, this site previously only provided campsites, but recently added rooms on stilts overlooking the river and falls

Fort Sesfontein

On the border between Kaokoland and Damaraland this fort was built at the same time as the fort of Namutoni in Etosha

Kapika Waterfall Lodge

On a hill above the Kunene river, the lodge has tremendous views of the surrounding area and looks towards the Epupa Falls

Khowarib Lodge

An excellent base from which to explore the Kaokoland area

Kunene River Lodge

n great lodge in a remote location on the banks of the Kunene River, for those interesting in birding, relaxing or river rafting this lodge is an absolute must. Undoubtedly one of our favourite out of the way lodges

Mopane Camp

A campsite near the village of Opuwo

Ohakane Lodge

One of the oldest lodges in the Kaokoland area, from here guest can visit Himba villages and other areas of interest in Kaokoland

Okahirongo Elephant Lodge

Near the tiny settlement of Puros, this luxury lodge offers you the ability to search for the desert adapted elephants

Okahirongo River Camp

On a hillside overlooking the Kunene River this small intimate camp offers accommodation for a maximum of 14 people.

Omarunga Camp

A comfortable tented camp, on the banks of the Kunene River, close to the Epupa falls

Opuwo Country Lodge

On the outskirts of Opuwo with has beautiful views over Kaokoland -a real desert oasis

Serra Cafema

Up-market luxury safari camp in a spectacuar setting overlooking the Kunene River. A range of activities are included and a highlight is a visit to the local Himba community

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