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Epupa Camp

Accommodation in Kaokoland - Namibia

Situated east of the Epupa Falls on the banks of the Kunene River, in Kaokoland is Epupa Camp. With its waving palms, spectacular sunsets and perennially flowing waters, the Epupa area has much to see and experience. Exciting geological and archaeological sites can be seen in the area. Bird life in this riverine paradise is rich and varied, with some species endemic to the Kunene River environs.

It is a small tented camp that offers you a relaxing, yet exhilarating, few days of personalized service, excellent food and the seclusion of a lush riverine wilderness. The adjacent dining room and lounge area also face the Kunene River, along with a very small plunge pool for cooling down from the midday heat, or enjoying a glass of sparkling wine.

Other facilities include a telephone & fax machine, Internet facilities (slow but adequate for e-mail) and a laptop for downloading your pictures and burning them to a disc

A small suspension bridge connects the lodge with its own private island. Hammocks, benches, and lounge chairs, placed close to the river, create a personal piece of paradise.

At Epupa, they serve three meals a day, as well as afternoon cake and tea, all of which are included in the full-board price. Complimentary coffee and tea are available all day, whilst their bar is always available for something stronger. Breakfast consists of a healthy buffet, with fresh fruits and nuts, cereals, homemade muesli, freshly baked bread, meats, cheeses, tomatoes, cucumbers, and eggs.

A light lunch usually consists of quiches, lasagna or pasta, accompanied by fresh salad.

Dinner is very much a sociable as a culinary event. It takes place around a 7-meter long dining table, in company with the manager and/or one of our guides. Please inform us well in advance if you have any special dietary requirements (the nearest grocery store is more than 200 km away!). Depending on the season, some of the vegetables will be their own organic crop, home-grown in one of the vegetable gardens. Their wine list comprises a small, but hand-picked list of distinct South African wines for every taste.

Romantic candle-lit dinners on the river front can be arranged upon request.

Epupa Falls Lodge consists of nine luxury safari-style tents, each with two single beds, en-suite bathrooms, (with running water, hot showers and flush toilet), 220v electricity, (available for 6hrs/day), 24hr lighting (for bedside lights), and mosquito netting. An outside, shaded balcony overlooks the tranquil Kunene River. Large Makalani palms provide welcome shade from the midday sun.

Epupa Falls Lodge offers guided tours to one of the Himba temporary villages. Learn about the sacred fire, the twin that stayed behind and the holy oxen. It is here that you can share a day in Africa, amongst people without calendars. The lodge works closely with the local community to provide them with access to development opportunities and direct benefits through tourism. A sound ecological policy is in place, that includes removing all solid waste from the area and whenever practical, recycling waste.

Other activities in this fascinating corner of the world include rafting, a bird-watching trip by boat, a visit to Epupa Falls and hiking.

The Epupa Falls, although not the biggest or highest in Africa, have a unique beauty that entices visitors from all over the world.

Accommodation in Namibia

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  • Epupa: Lodge Lounge
  • Epupa: Himba Child
  • Epupa: Canoeing On The River
  • Epupa: Epupa Falls
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  • Epupa: Dining Area
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Visit to Himba settlement (included in full-board price)
Visit a Himba settlement in the company of a local guide. Discover the lifestyles of a truly nomadic race which cover work, worship, jewellery creation, intricate female hairstyles, dancing, grazing livestock and the many domestic routines performed. Photography is permitted and a private visit to a traditional Himba graveyard is included.
Sundowner (included in full-board price)
This trip sets off approximately 1hr before sunset to one of the hills overlooking Epupa Falls. The combination of colour and shadow reflected on the the surrounding desert landscape is stunning. There is an option for guests staying for 2 nights to witness the sunset on the sandy beach on a private island overlooking the Kunene River.
Rafting (extra)
Half or full day rafting or canoeing trips down the Kunene River are an ideal way to admire the scenery, birds and basking crocs. Guests are transported up river by safari vehicle to the launch site. A briefing and equipment distribution follows before you are lead downstream for a gentle cruise down the river.
Bird Watching Trip by Boat (extra)
Half-day morning or afternoon guided trips on the Kunene River are a terrific way to watch or photograph birds hunting on the riverbanks, searching for seeds and insects. Expect to see Cinderella waxbills, Rüppell's korhaan, bee-eaters, kingfishers, lovebirds, weavers and sunbirds.
Visit to Epupa Falls (included in full-board price)
Every day, we offer a guided walk to Epupa Falls with the option of taking a dip in one of the many rock pools or in the shallow water before the falls themselves. The walk will take you past the calm waters before the dramatic falls where the Himba people often come to wash their clothes, bathe, or play in the water. Finally, you will be taken to the best lookouts of the falls further downstream. The falls are a total of 700 meter long with a height of 35 meters, including rapids. Depending on the season, the falls have a typical flow from 20 (winter) to 800 m3 (summer) of water per second.
Hiking (included in full-board price)
At Epupa Falls Lodge, we provide maps for half-day, self-guided hikes. We take you along the river or into the surrounding hills to explore the flora and fauna of the Kaokoland and enjoy stunning views of the Kunene snaking its way through the dry desert landscape. During your hike you are likely to come across large Euphorbia bushes (whose poisonous milky-white latex has been used by the Himba for hunting for centuries), rose quartz crystals, mopane scrub, and the flat-topped umbrella thorn with the almost Mexican name: Acacia tortilis.
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Epupa Falls Lodge Map

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Directions to the lodge

The best way to reach Epupa Lodge is via Opuwo and Okongwati on the road D3700

interactive map
Epupa Camp

A tented camp on the banks of the Kunene River close to Epupa Falls and Himba settlements

Epupa Falls Lodge

A rustic option but closest situated to Epupa Falls, this site previously only provided campsites, but recently added rooms on stilts overlooking the river and falls

Fort Sesfontein

On the border between Kaokoland and Damaraland this fort was built at the same time as the fort of Namutoni in Etosha

Kapika Waterfall Lodge

On a hill above the Kunene river, the lodge has tremendous views of the surrounding area and looks towards the Epupa Falls

Khowarib Lodge

An excellent base from which to explore the Kaokoland area

Kunene River Lodge

n great lodge in a remote location on the banks of the Kunene River, for those interesting in birding, relaxing or river rafting this lodge is an absolute must. Undoubtedly one of our favourite out of the way lodges

Mopane Camp

A campsite near the village of Opuwo

Ohakane Lodge

One of the oldest lodges in the Kaokoland area, from here guest can visit Himba villages and other areas of interest in Kaokoland

Okahirongo Elephant Lodge

Near the tiny settlement of Puros, this luxury lodge offers you the ability to search for the desert adapted elephants

Okahirongo River Camp

On a hillside overlooking the Kunene River this small intimate camp offers accommodation for a maximum of 14 people.

Omarunga Camp

A comfortable tented camp, on the banks of the Kunene River, close to the Epupa falls

Opuwo Country Lodge

On the outskirts of Opuwo with has beautiful views over Kaokoland -a real desert oasis

Serra Cafema

Up-market luxury safari camp in a spectacuar setting overlooking the Kunene River. A range of activities are included and a highlight is a visit to the local Himba community

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