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Alte kalkofen Lodge

southern Namibia

The owner-managed Alte Kalköfen Lodge is located between the towns of Keetmanshoop (100kms) and Lüderitz (220kms). It provides the perfect base to plan your onward journey to some of Namibia's southern attractions such as the wild horses of Aus, the ghost town at Kolmanskop and the world's 2nd largest canyon, Fish River Canyon.

Alte Kalköfen Lodge proudly hosts the biggest collection of Lithops in Namibia. The 'Flowering Stones' or ' Baba Boudjies' as they are known locally in Afrikaans (translates into babies buttocks in English) are displayed in a specially constructed hothouse called the Cole Lithoparium, named after Professor Desmond and Mrs Naureen Cole, in recognition for their pioneering work in the Lithops genus field. A Lithop is a succulent plant that consists of 2 opposing leaves that are fused together. The majority of the plant remains under ground. They resemble pebbles and stones found in their natural habitat. William Johan Burchell discovered Lithops in 1811 and stated: 'On picking up from the stony ground what was supposed to be curiously shaped pebble, surprisingly proved to be a plant'.

Alte Kalköfen is set in a stunning desert garden. The beautiful rich flora associated with the lodge is of great interest to botanists of all standards. A highlight for many guests is a guided walk by the owners around the Cole Lithoparium. The name 'Alte Kalköfen' means 'limestone ovens' and indeed these can be found near the lodge. They were used in days of old to produce lime for the building and agricultural trades.

Alte Kalköfen Lodge offer bungalow and self-catering accommodation:

  • Bungalows: 10 double or single bungalows are equipped with twin beds, en-suite bathrooms with a bath, a fan and a tea/coffee station. Rooms overlook the Gurib riverbed, where large camelthorn trees survive because of their deep root systems. Enjoy memorable sunset views from the comfort of your own room.
  • Self-catering: The old farmhouse Sandverhaar is set 7km from the lodge and provides ideal lodgings for a family or group. Sleep in 4 bedrooms, 2 with 2 beds and 2 with 3 beds. Both bathrooms utilise a 'donkey' for hot water. The fridge/freezer/lights in the fully-equipped kitchen are solar powered. Bedding and towels are provided and emergencies can be dealt with by the on-site supervisor.

The old farmhouse, Sandverhaar, offers self catering accommodation (7km from the lodge). Here there are 4 bedroom (2 x 2 beds/ 2 x 3 beds), 2 Bathrooms which utilise a (“donkey” for hot water,a fully equipped kitchen (solar power- fridge/freezer/lights). Bedding and towels are provided and there is a supervisor at the farmhouse who can deal with emergencies.

  • Alte Kalkofen: Limestone Oven
  • Alte Kalkofen: Front View of Main Building
  • Alte Kalkofen: Lodge Landscapes
  • Alte Kalkofen: Chalet Exterior
  • Alte Kalkofen: Interior of a chalet
  • Alte Kalkofen: Bathroom
  • Alte Kalkofen: Old Oven
  • Alte Kalkofen: Restaurant Interior
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Alte Kalkofen Lodge has the largest collection on Lithops in Namibia, the lodge has a self drive activity where you will be accompanied by a guide and can visit up to 20 sites (from Luderitz to Helmeringhausen and the Fish River Canyon) where lithops are commonly found.
Nature Drive
a nature drive on the farm which includes a visit to the old oven (2 - 3hrs)
Sundowner Drives
Scenic drives ending with a drink as the sun sets
Guided Walking Trails
Visit points of interest with a guide (1 - 2hrs)
Unguided Walking Trails
explore the area on one of the marked walking trails
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Directions to the lodge

on the dusty district road D462, Alte Kalköfen Lodge is situated 90 kilometres West of Keetmanshoop

interactive map
Alte Kalkofen Lodge

80km west of Keetmanshoop, named after the large lime ovens found on the farms. Boasts the largest collection of lithops in Namibia

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