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Getting Directions

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I think at this point an admission is needed, the person writing this is a man and I NEVER ask for directions. However I am of the opinion that asking for directions in Namibia is a completely fruitless exercise.

The chances are the person you are asking for directions will fall into one of the following categories

  1. does not understand you
  2. does not know where you want to go
  3. thinks you are a lunatic about to attack him

The outcome will generally be a hurried pointing in a general direction in an attempt to get you to go away.

To test my theory I set myself the relatively simple task of getting people to direct me to the Windhoek Post Office, not being particularly ambitious I started about 50 meters away, on Independence Avenue (the main street and the street on which the Post Office is located). After asking 10 people only two pointed me in the correct direction, and by following one mans directions I have now uncovered a whole section of Windhoek which I had no idea existed. This has led me to re-think my initial proposition - my new belief is that everyone should ask for directions - you never know what you may discover, and it certainly will not be boring!

We're not lost. We're locationally challenged. John M. Ford

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