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freshwater fish | Namibia

Introduction: The tigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus) is a voracious and fierce fish that swims in larger rivers and lakes, with a tendency to frequent the surface layers of water. This makes it an ideal target for the African fish eagle. It also is high on the list as major angling game fish and a prime target on most fishing trips in Namibia and surrounding countries. Although it is still widespread and common in most areas, numbers have declined over the years due to pollution, water extraction and obstructions from man-made structures such as weirs and dams that prevent their passage. Females live for around 8-9 years, males less. Tigerfish have not been bred in captivity yet.

Distribution: Kavango River, Cbobe & Zambezi River

Diet: Tigerfish will prey on whatever is most abundant, but are partial to slender-bodied shoaling fishes such as robbers, minnows and sardine.

Colouring: A striking colour of a silvery head and body, with a bluish sheen on the back and a series of parallel longitudinal black stripes.

Breeding: Tigerfish breed during the summer months. Adults migrate up or downstream to suitable spawning sites, usually along flooded river banks or lake shores. As many as 780,000 ova in large females (of 650-700mm full length), and spawning may take place at night.

Size: Females grow to a full length of above 700mm, but males only 500mm full length. Weight is up to around 5.5kg. Newly hatched fry are around 10mm long.

Divava Okavango Lodge

An upmarket lodge and spa on the banks of the Kavango River. The only traditional luxury lodge on this stretch of river

Hakusembe River Lodge

A well run lodge offering good facilities situated close to the town of Rundu

Kaisosi River Lodge

A few kilometers east of Rundu a nice functional lodge that more than adequately serves as an overnight stop while travelling through the Kavango and Zambezi region. The rooms, bar and restaurant area offer lovely views of the Kavango River.

Kavango River Lodge

Situated on the banks of the river (hence the name) in Rundu

Mahangu Safari Lodge

Situated close to the Mahangu Park in west Caprivi - this is an excellent stop-over between Namibia, Maun (in Botswana) and the Victoria Falls

Ngepi Camp

A rustic river side campsite and lodge offering excellent value for money. A lively bar and restaurant ensures this appeals to the younger or more socially inclined traveller

Nunda Lodge

Close to Popa Falls and the Mahango Reserve this lodge offers stunning river views

Ndhovu Lodge

Refreshingly, and surprisingly for the area, this lodge does not have the word 'River' as part of its name. Do not be misled it is situated on the banks of the river opposite the Caprivi Game Park (Bwabwata National Park)

Popa Falls Rest Camp

Close to the Popa Falls (a series of rapids on the Kavango River), this rest camp was renovated in 2013

Rainbow River Lodge

on the Kavango River banks this lodge offers plenty of water based activities

RiverDance Lodge

Near the village of Divundu, this small but wonderfully managed lodge is a perennial favourite of ours. Lovely wooden chalets, with large decks overlook the river. Those wanting to experience the river can choose from fishing and sunset river cruises

Sarasungu River Lodge

On a beautiful plot of indigenous plants and trees overlooking the river

Shamvura Camp

One of the best lodges for birders visiting Namibia - but also great for fishing, chilling or generally becoming part of the family (the family consists of a host of creatures including goats, otters and guinefowls all lovingly adopted by the owners)

Taranga Safari Lodge

A small lodge a short distance west of Rundu. The rooms have river views and guests can choose from a range of activities

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