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Warmbad Camp

Community Campsites - Namibia

Visit Warmbad, in southern Namibia and experience the culture and history of the Bondelswarts as well as interesting remnants of the German era.

Why visit Warmbad?

  • Experience the warmth of the Bondelswarts people, their culture traditions and customs
  • Learn about the rich colonial history in Warmbad

What can you experience?

  • Visit the museum and see an exhibition of Warmbad's history, culture, ecology and the display of local artefacts
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9 to 17 hours, Saturday from 9 to 13 hours
  • Go on a guided tour of historic buildings, national monuments and sites of local importance
  • Visit the hot springs in this harsh but beautiful landscape
  • Note: the length of a tour is approximately 1 hour, but can be tailored to suit individual interests.

What services are provided?

  • Services of local guides
  • Sales of locally made crafts
  • Camping is possible, but facilities are still in development


  • Guided Tour: N$ 25 per person (includes museum entry, group discounts available)
  • Museum entry only: N$ 10 per person, children N$ 5

Nearby attractions include:

Where is it?

  • Warmbad is located 50 km south of Karasburg in the south of Namibia and about 90 km north of the South African border.

How do I get there?

  • From Karasburg, take the gravel road MR21 for 50 km, which will lead you directly to Warmbad
  • When entering Namibia from Noordoever, the border post with South Africa, take the B1 north for 50 km, towards Keetmanshoop, then turn off to the right on the 213 road. After 48 km turn left on the T-junction. Then, after approximately 25 km, take the 210 road on your right. This is the road that will lead you directly into Warmbad after 24 km
  • If you come into Namibia from Nakop, another border post with South Africa, take the 202 road at Ariamsvlei. Follow this road for 104 km and turn right at the T-junction. Then, after only a few km, take the 211 road on your left and follow it for 35 km after which you will enter Warmbad.

Unfortunately we are not able to book community campsites as there are no reliable contact numbers or booking offices in places.
The only way to get a site is to arrange it on arrival at the campsite.

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