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Mashi & Sheshe Crafts

Community Endevours - Namibia

Purchase locally designed and produced handicrafts, all made by nearby communities using time-honoured skills and local resources - specialising in woven baskets

Why visit Mashi & Sheshe Crafts?

See how local people have created a thriving small business from innovative craft production and take home original items made by local people.

What can you experience?

  • See some of the most beautifully crafted baskets made anywhere in Namibia
  • Buy some of these captivating crafts to take home

What types of crafts are available?

  • Crafts include a variety of woven baskets, wood carvings and jewellery
  • Materials & designs are local and significantly different to those of other regions
  • Production takes place at home, allowing producers to continue with other important livelihood activities
  • Crafts are brought to the sales outlet from villages in surrounding area


Craft items vary in price, but represent excellent value for money

Nearby attractions include:

Where is it?

At the Kongola junction on the main Rundu - Katima road (B8). Approx. 110 km west of Katima.

Unfortunately we are not able to book community campsites as there are no reliable contact numbers or booking offices in places.
The only way to get a site is to arrange it on arrival at the campsite.

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