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Hoada Campsite

Community Campsites | Damaraland | Namibia

The Hoada Campsite is owned and operated by the local Damara community in conjunction with the nearby Grootberg Lodge. The campsite is located 75km from the town of Kamanjab in the Damaraland region of Namibia, the area around the campsites offers a chance to spot desert adapted elephants.

The campsite has recently been completely redesigned by a well known Namibian builder, who specialises in lodge design, and amongst other amenities boast a splash pool.The staff are on hand to help you in every possible way, and if required will help you erect tents & build your fire (your stay includes one bag of wood and additional wood is on sale if required)

The three private campsites are nested amongst large granite boulders & mopane trees, each site has a private bathroom including a shower and flush toilet. An interesting touch here is that the braai (barbeque) area is linked to the hot water system, so while cooking your dinner on an open fire you are effectively heating your shower water.

Each of the campsites at Hoada Camp can accommodate 4 people and has ample space for both ground and roof-top tents.

  • Hoada Campsite: Pool Area
  • Hoada Campsite: Scenery
  • Hoada Campsite: Deck
  • Hoada Campsite: Braai And Donkey For Heating Water
  • Hoada Campsite: Tent Among Granite Boulders
  • Hoada Campsite: Deck With Views Over Damaraland
  • Hoada Campsite: Kitchen And Braai Area
  • Hoada Campsite: Bathroom
  • Hoada Campsite: The Deck
  • Hoada Campsite: Toilet
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activities at the lodge
Riding can be arranged from Hoada Campsite
This is a great area for hiking and walking and the staff at the camp will happily explain various trails
activities in the area

Activities can also be joined at the nearby Grootberg Lodge, these need to be pre-booked

Guided walks on top of the plateau
After a scrumptious breakfast on the veranda of the restaurant with the Black Eagles hovering around the cliffs, the guests who prefer an early start to the day will depart at around 7.30am for a 3 hour walk on top of the plateau. Our knowledgeable guide will enable guests to enjoy the local flora, the amazing rock formations of the Etendeka Mountains and the shy wild animals, long inhabitants of this plateau. For the afternoon walkers, departure is around 4.30 pm after coffee and tea, served with home made cakes for extra energy for the hike.
Guided walk down the mountain to the Klip River Springs
For the more adventurous guest, a challenging hike down into the Klip River, with the possibility to see kudu, oryx, klipspringers and mountain zebras. It is usually a 3 hour walk. Hikers will then be returned to the lodge in the comfort of our custom built Range Rover.
Elephant tracking
This is one of the most popular activities at Grootberg Lodge. A guide with a tracker will take you out into the surrounding farms in search of the elusive desert elephants, giving one also the opportunity to appreciate the life style of the local people. Lunch takes place in the shade of a tree in the remote wilderness of Damaraland Departure at around 7.30am and back at the lodge in the early afternoon.
Rhino Tracking
Departure is at 7.00am after an early breakfast at the lodge. The guide, along with the game trackers will take the guests in an open 4x4 game vehicle down to the Klip River. They will track the rhinos from the vehicle using telemetry as transmitters have been inserted into the animals' horns for monitoring purposes. Part of the tracking will take place on foot, with the possibility of between 1 to 3 hours walk at the most. At lunch time there will be a stop near the springs where people can enjoy some refreshments. It's almost a full day activity going along bumpy roads and walking in rocky terrain, so not advisable for the faint-hearted.
Himba trip
Come and visit one of the last most traditional peoples of Namibia in a small settlement near Palmfontein surrounded by makalani palms and dry river beds. These friendly people, closely related to the Herero, are herdsmen, breeding mainly cattle and goats while leading a semi-nomadic life. Learn how the proud Himba women spend many hours on beauty care and clean themselves with herbal steam baths. See their homesteads, cone shaped structures made from palm leaves, mud and cattle dung.
Scenic drives down the Klip River
The lodge offers scenic drives down to the Klip River Valley where permanent springs provide water for the local population of zebras, antelopes and occasionally elephants and black rhinos Springboks, kudu and oryx are a permanent fixture and even the nervous and shy klipspringers are sometimes seen leaping about on the steep cliffs of the mountain as if they were flying. The morning drive starts after breakfast and takes between 3-4 hours, the afternoon drive is shorter, leaving after tea and coffee at the lodge for a 2-3 hours drive.
Horse sundowners
Meander through the mopane savanna on a shiny steed and enjoy the view of this beautiful landscape, with the possibility of a close up encounter with the general game of the area. The guide will stop for a sundowner for you to appreciate the pristine wilderness of the plateau while sipping a cold drink. Beginners are welcome.
Horse back safaris
For the keen horse riders the Grootberg Lodge also offers horse back safaris. This takes you on a longer journey through the surrounding mountains of Damaraland, camping out every night under the stars and cooking on the fire. The guests will see how the locals live , track desert elephant and spend quite a bit of time in the saddle, up to 8 hours. It is backed up, luxury camping with not too much hardship involved, long drop loo, hot shower, stretchers, linen, dome tents and cold gin and tonics. The terrain is varied with dry river beds, open plains with big lead woods, mopane bush and even some makalani groves. The rate we charge is N$1800.00 per person per day and is inclusive of drinks, meals, activities and accommodation, exclusive of phone calls and curios. We have a minimum number of two riders and a maximum of six with a weight limit of 90kg.
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map of Hoada Campsite

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Directions to the lodge

  • From Kamanjab drive towards Palmwag on the C 40 gravel road. After passing the village of Erwee it is another 8 km to the campsite on your left.
  • From Palmwag drive through the Grootberg pass and past the D 2659 forking off on your right. After about 20 km you will see the entrance gate to Hoada on your right.
interactive map

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