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Bruckaros Camp

Community Campsites - Namibia

This camp is situated at the base of the extinct volcano Bruckaros in southern Namibia.

Why visit Bruckaros?

  • The Bruckaros Mountain towers over the plains of southern Namibia like a sentinel - the views are astounding

What can you experience?

  • Enjoy a short or long walk on the slopes of this volcanic crater (guided walks on request)
  • Experience the vastness of southern Namibia

What facilities are available?

On the slopes of the mountain (4x4 required)

  • Three individual campsites with shade, wind break & fireplace
  • Toilet & bush shower
  • Picnic site wind break & shade
  • Services of local guides
  • Please bring your own water (available in Berseba - 12km)

At the foot of the mountain

  • Camping area (suitable for all vehicles)
  • 2x2 cars for the bottom
  • 4x4 cars for the top camp
  • Basic facilities to be developed in 2001
  • Please bring own water (available in Berseba - 12km)

Nearby attractions include:

Where is it?

  • Adjacent to the Bruckaros mountain approximately 80 km north-north west of Keetmanshoop.

How do I get there?

  • On the main B1 road between Windhoek and Keetmanshoop turn onto the D 3901 gravel road (at Tses) to Berseba. After about 30 km a signpost saying 'Brukkaros' directs you to the right. From there it is another 8 km to the campsite.

Unfortunately we are not able to book community campsites as there are no reliable contact numbers or booking offices in places.
The only way to get a site is to arrange it on arrival at the campsite.

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