Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip), probabley hopping or walking along the ground searching for seeds, grasshoppers and spiders. ">
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Yellow-throated petronia

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: The yellow-throated petronia (Petronia superciliaris) can be observed in a savannah woodland and arid scrubland type habitat, often near wadis and cliffs. Generally a quiet and unobtrusive bird, they are usually observed singly or in pairs. Groups of up to 30 form in the winter months.

Distribution: North and north-eastern Namibia only. Found in Tsumkwe, Kavango River region and the Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip).

Diet: Hops or walks along the ground to search for seeds, nectar, moths, some grasshoppers and spiders.

Description: A sparrow-like bird with pale stripes over the eyes. Greyish-brown upper parts, with a dusky streaked back. Sepia wings, greyish underparts with a yellow spot on the throat. Superciliaris means 'with an eyebrow'.

Breeding: Females usually lay 3 to 4 eggs in a natural hole in the tree or an old barbet or woodpeckers nest in January and February, incubated for up to 19 days.

Size: 16cm. Weight: 25g.

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