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Yellow-fronted canary

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Yellow-fronted canaries (Crithagra mozambica) are also known as yellow-eyed canaries. Miombo, Burkea and Acacia are favoured woody habitats, as are fairly thick riverine woodland, parks and gardens. Flocks of 20 to 30 are common, with pairs and family parties often observed in the breeding season.

Distribution: Very common in the Kavango River region and other sections of north-east Namibia, including the Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip), Kaudom Game Park and Tsumkwe. Absent from the rest of the country.

Diet: Forages with other canaries and waxbills, mainly on the ground for grass and forb seeds such as sunflowers, blackjack and pigeonwood.

Description: A rich lemon yellow frons, hence the common name. Lemon yellow rump and a sooty brown tail.

Breeding: Usually 3 or 4 eggs are laid from December to March and incubated for up to 15 days.

Size: 12cm. Weight: 12g.

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