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wilson's storm petrel

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Wilson's storm-petrel (Oceanites oceanicus) is named after the author of American Ornithology (1805) Alexander Wilson. Usually they are observed closer to the shoreline than other storm-petrels, often pushed by strong onshore winds, but they spend most of their time in the open ocean over the continental shelf.

Distribution Common non-breeder visitor to Luderitz, St. Francis Bay, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, Skeleton Coast.

Diet: Most prey is taken from the sea surface by surface-dipping for lantern fish, zooplankton, small squid and fishery waste. Scavenges food from whales and dolphins. Also strongly attracted to ships to prey on food churned up by the ship's passage.

Description Blackish-brown body with an obvious square, white rump. Oceanicus is Latin for 'of the ocean'.

Breeding: Extralimital.

Size: 18cm. Weight: 40g. Wingspan: 40cm.

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