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White-throated canary

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: The range of the white-throated canary (Crithagra albogularis) includes semi and arid bushland, rocky hillsides with tall shrubs and sparse mopane and camelthorn woodland. This species will fly substantial distances in the heat of the day in search of water.

Distribution: There are 2 of the 4 subspecies found in Namibia. C.a. Sordahlae are found in the central and southern regions and C.a. Crocopygia in the north-western areas. Absent from the north-east of the country.

Diet: Feeds on seeds of grasses, forbs, shrubs, leaf succulents, buds, flowers, insects and small fruits.

Description: Mainly olive-brown or greyish brown markings and streakings. Greenish yellow rump and an olive brown tail. Albogularis is Latin for 'white-throated'.

Breeding: Females build a dry forb stem and grass stem nest, lined with Rosemary seeds, year-round, linked to annual rainfalls. Eggs are incubated for up to 18 days.

Size: 15cm. Weight: 26g.

Alte Kalkofen Lodge

80km west of Keetmanshoop, named after the large lime ovens found on the farms. Boasts the largest collection of lithops in Namibia

Birds Mansion

A popular establishment in the southern Namibian town of Keetmanshoop

Canyon Hotel

A large air-conditioned hotel in Keetmanshoop. A useful stop en-route to the Fish River Canyon and South Africa

Keetmanshoop Central Lodge

Good facilities make this an excellent overnight choice

Mesosaurus Fossil Site & Quiver Tree Dolerite Park

The undisputed winner of the longest lodge name in Namibia, MFSQTDP offers accommodation at reasonable prices

Quiver Tree Forest Rest Camp

Close to the Quiver Tree Forest this is a popular choice

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