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White-rumped swift

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: White-rumped swifts (Apus caffer) are a gregarious species usually found in groups of up to 12 but migrate in flocks of 100 birds or more. Their preferred habitat is savannah, grassland, forest and shrubland. They avoid mountain peaks.

Distribution: Absent from Namib Desert and eastern regions of Namibia. Found in Etosha National Park, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Orange River, Caprivi and Atlantic seaboard regions of the Skeleton Coast.

Diet: Forage over farmland and water for beetles, spiders, bugs, wasps, flies and weevils.

Description: Confused with little and Horus swifts. Silent foragers

Breeding: A breeding migrant. Between 1 and 5 eggs are laid between August and April. Often uses nest of little swift or a selection of swallow's nests. Incubation periods are around 25 days.

Size: 16cm. Weight: 24g.

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A small hotel situated in the coastal town of Henties Bay

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