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White-backed mousebird

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: White-backed mousebirds (Colius colius) can be found in sparse woodland along seasonal and perennial rivers, farmyards, orchards and gardens. This species are locally nomadic and largely sedentary. They can be observed in groups of up to 25 birds, perching upright on a bare branch, sunning themselves with legs apart and short hairs raised to expose the skin. They drink regularly and are frequent sunbathers. Roosting is done is groups of up to 15 birds, huddled together tightly to halve their energy output at night.

Distribution: Common throughout Namibia less for the far north-eastern regions of the country including the Orange River and Fish River Canyon, northern Namib Desert as far as the Kunene River Valley and Epupa Falls, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Windhoek, Brandberg Mountain, Spitzkoppe and Erongo Mountains.

Diet: Forages in trees, shrubs and bushes for fruit, leaves and flowers. Peaches, plums and apricots are a favourite as are flowers of wild and cultivated plants.

Description: Predominately brownish plumage. Colius is the Latin word from the Greek koleos, which means a scabbard or sheath and refers to the long tail.

Breeding: Females lay between 1 and 6 eggs almost year-round. Nests are built by both sexes above the ground in a bush, tree or tall shrub. Incubation periods are around 12 days and fledgeling are preyed upon by the Peregrine falcon.

Size: 31cm. Weight: 44g.

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