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wahlberg's eagle

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Wahlberg's eagle (Aquila wahlbergi) is named after the Swedish collector Johan Wahlberg (1810-1856) who worked in the Cape from 1838. This species inhabit regions of well-developed wooded savannah and cultivated areas with tall trees.

Distribution: Central and north Namibia including Epupa Falls, Caprivi, Etosha National Park and the northern regions of the Kalahari Desert.

Diet: Birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians, beetles, termites and grasshoppers.

Description: Often confused with the lesser spotted eagle which has much broader wings.

Breeding: Usually females only lay 1 egg between August and January in a strong platform nest made of thin sticks which can take between 2 and 6 weeks to construct.

Size: 60cm. Weight: 1.3kg. Wingspan: 1.5m.

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