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violet wood hoopoe

Birds of Namibia


Introduction: Violet wood-hoopoe (Phoeniculus damarensis) inhabit arid woodlands in particular mopane, along the Namibian escarpment. They are found in pairs or small groups, often in trees, especially along dry riverbeds.

Distribution: Central and north-western Namibia including Etosha National Park.

Diet: Insects including beetles, caterpillars, grasshoppers, termites and geckos.

Description: Easily confused with the green wood-hoopoe. Uncommon and localized in the country with around 500 breeding pairs in a Namibian population believed to be around 1,650 birds.

Breeding: In Namibia only 2 eggs are laid between December to April. All group members feed fledglings out of the nest. Studies indicate that up to 3 clutches may be laid per breeding season.

Size: 34 to 38cm. Weight: 94g.

Mokuti Lodge

Large lodge situated at the Namutoni entrance gate to Etosha. Excellent facilities but expect to share these with large group tours

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