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village indigo bird

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Village Indigo birds (Vidua chalybeata) are also known as steelblue widowfinches. They inhabit river and road side Acacia savannah and thorny thickets. Mopane woodlands close to water, citrus orchards and gardens are also regularly visited.

Distribution: Mahango National Park, Linyanti Marshes and in the vicinity of the Chobe/Zambezi River systems only.

Diet: Eats mainly grass seeds.

Description: Black head, body and wing coverts, all sporting a steel-blue gloss.

Breeding: Parasites red-billed firefinch nests. Females lay sets of 1 to 4 eggs from March to April, incubated for around 12 days.

Size: 12cm. Weight: 12g.

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