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tree pipit

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Tree pipits (Anthus trivialis) favour large, well-spread out trees in grassland, especially broad-leaved woodland, or grassy hillsides with bushes. Sightings are often singly, in pairs or in small groups.

Distribution: Isolated recordings in Namibia including Etosha National Park, Kuiseb River/Pass area, Naukluft Mountains, Tsumkwe and the Chobe/Zambezi River confluence.

Diet: Forages on the ground for beetles, moths, grasshoppers, flies, bugs, spiders and snails. Also takes fruit, seeds, buds, new leaves and berries.

Description: Buffy or olive-brown upper parts, with streaked blackish-brown crown, nape and mantle. White chin and yellow-buff breast and flanks.

Breeding: Extralimital.

Size: 14cm. Weight: 21g

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