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Striped kingfisher

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Striped kingfishers (Halcyon chelicuti) are resident in Namibia only moving within their distribution range seasonally. They inhabit open woodland, wooded grassland and Acacia woodland. Other regions to observe this species is in farmland with well-laid out, lined trees, parks and semi-natural wooded areas.

These kingfishers are highly territorial and can be found singly, in pairs or in small groups. Within their own range they will sing from tree tops from before sunrise, decreasing in the late afternoon before increasing again towards the late evening. Tree holes are used at night for roosting, at times the same location as used for nesting.

Distribution: North and central areas of Namibia including Etosha National Park, Rundu and scattered populations throughout the Kalahari Desert. Common in the Caprivi National Parks such as Mudumu, Nkasa Rupara / Mamili and Bwabwata.

Diet: Grasshoppers, beetles, lizards, termites, snakes and rodents. Larger prey is beaten against a branch before swallowing.

Description: Often confused with the brown-hooded kingfisher as it is the only other kingfisher with streaking on the head and the underparts, although it is a larger bird.

Breeding: Striped kingfishers nest in abandoned tree holes of crested or black-collared barbets or other woodpeckers. Females lay between 2 and 6 eggs. Incubation is performed by both sexes in the day and by females at night.

Size: 18cm. Weight: 40g.

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