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Sharp-tailed starling

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Sharp-tailed starlings (Lamprotornis acuticaudus) favour miombo and mopane open woodland, sometimes in flocks of between 30 to 50 birds.

Distribution: From Rundu south-east to Tsumkwe and then north through Kaudom Park further north-east to the Mahango National Park region.

Diet: Eats the fruit of the bluebush star-apple. Also takes insects.

Description: Glossy green upper parts, wings and wedge-shaped tail. Chin to breast glossy green. Often confused with Cape glossy and greater blue-eared starlings that have square-ended tails. Acuticaudus is a Latin meaning for 'sharp tail'.

Breeding: Nests in a tree cavity, lined with grass, feathers and hair. From 3 to 4 eggs are laid from August to October.

Size: 20cm. Weight: 70g.

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