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Rufous-naped lark

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: There are 3 of the 6 subspecies of rufous-naped lark (Mirafra africana) found in Namibia, incorporating a wide range of habitats. This includes open grassy savannahs and woodland, fallow lands and fields and visits some bare grounds next to fields.

Distribution: Inland north and central Namibia, absent from the Namib Desert. Found in Etosha National Park, Windhoek, Okahandja, Kaokoland, Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip) and Kaudom Park and Tsumkwe.

Diet: Stands on termite mounds, eating termites as they emerge. Eats other insects such as weevils, bugs, grasshoppers and caterpillars, beetles, earthworms and spiders. Also takes grass seeds.

Description: A large, sturdy lark heard and observed singing year-round, often from a fence post, termite mound or perched on a bush. Similar to the smaller eastern clapper lark.

Breeding: A domed cup of dry grass is built in a scrape in the ground or at the base of a tuft of grass. Females lay 2 or 3 eggs from November to March, incubated for up to 15 days.

Size: 17g. Weight: 42g.

Elegant Farmstead

On an old mission station south of Okahandja, the farm Otjisazu is full of historical interest

Gross Barmen Hot Springs

Situated some distance west of Okahandja the natural hot spring has been tapped and is used to full both an indoor and outdoor pool

Okahandja Country Hotel

A tranquil garden & African decor give this country hotel laid back, relaxed feeling. Situated on the outskirts of the town of Okahandja

Omatozu Game Farm

A game farm which offers a 'boutique camping experience' with accommodation in air-conditioned permanently erected tents

Oropoko Lodge

Situated on farmland west of Okahandja, Oropoko has a well stocked game park

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