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rock kestrel

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Rock kestrels (Falco rupicolus) can tolerate a wide variety of habitats with grassland, Karoo and desert being the most popular. Urban areas are also favoured, where they can be seen perching on utility poles near the road. Rock kestrels will defend their territory vigorously against other raptors.

Distribution: Scarce in north and north-eastern Namibia but fairly common in the Namib Desert, Etosha National Park, Epupa Falls, Fish River Canyon and the central plateau in general.

Diet: Hunts from perch or by hovering for birds up to the size of a rock dove, bats, small mammals and reptiles.

Description: Rupicolus is Latin for 'rock dweller' a reference to their mountainous cliff breeding and roosting destinations.

Breeding: Between 1 and 6 eggs are laid in a crack in the cliff ledge, in quarries, on buildings or just a simple scrape in the ground. The incubation period is up to 32 days.

Size: 32cm. Weight: 220g.

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