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Red-breasted swallow

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Red-breasted swallows (Hirundo semirufa) inhabit open savannah and sweet grassland, usually singly or in pairs, often sitting on twigs and wires near their nest. Basking and sunbathing on roads is common.

Distribution: North and central Namibia including Etosha National Park, Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip), Kaudom Game Park.

Diet: Eats flies and small beetles caught above the ground.

Description: Often confused with the mosque swallow which is larger and has white (not buffy) underwing coverts and white (not rufous) cheeks and throat. Rich red rump and underparts, hence the Latin name semirufa which means 'half-red'.

Breeding: Usually 3 eggs are laid in January and February and incubated for around 3 weeks.

Size: 24cm. Weight: 31g.

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