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pintado petrel

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Although the Pintado petrel (Daption capense) inhabit the open ocean, especially over the continental shelf-break, they are sometimes observed close to the Namibian shoreline due to strong winds. They often sit on the water when not forming large flocks near ships in the ocean.

Distribution The Namibian coastline from the Orange River to Mwe Bay.

Diet: Forages by day, mainly around ships. Eats mainly trawler offal and crustaceans.

Description Fairly small, boldly patterned petrel, with black mantle, face, head and neck. Daption is an anagram of pintado, Spanish for painted or mottled.

Breeding: Extralimital.

Size: 40cm. Weight: 450g. Wingspan: 90cm.

De Duine Hotel

A small hotel situated in the coastal town of Henties Bay

Self Catering Namibia