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pied crow

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Pied crows (Corvus albus) are closely associated with human settlements as well as open savannah woodland, shrubland, farmlands and urban type habitats. They are usually in pairs or small flocks, roosting in trees and on buildings in large numbers.

Distribution: Common in the country less for Kalahari Desert and most of east Namibia.

Diet: Forages on the ground around the base of shrubs, along road verges, short grass and at rubbish dumps for mostly plant material, fruits and grain crops. Invertebrates such as locusts, beetles and molluscs as well as some vertebrates such as fish, birds, birds' eggs, lizards and small mammals are taken. Also eats snakes such as puff adder, short-snouted grass snake and tree agamas and termites.

Description: Glossy black, except for a white breast which extends into a broad white nuchal collar. Brown eyes, black bill, legs and feet. Rather annoying harsh voice when foraging.

Breeding: Both male and female build a large stick and twig bowl. Between 1 and 7 eggs are laid from July to January and incubated for up to 19 days.

Size: 50cm. Weight: 550g.

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