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parasitic jaeger

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: As the name suggests, Parasitic jaegers (Stercoraraius parasiticus) feed off other seabirds, usually in their preferred habitat of mainly inshore coastal waters. They also visit coastal wetlands and sheltered bays, where this species is often observed singly or in small groups of up to 10. These jaegers are known to roost ashore along the Skeleton Coast.

Distribution: Fairly common off the coast of Namibia from the Orange River north to Luderitz, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, the Skeleton Coast extending to the Kunene River estuary.

Diet: Anchovies, crustaceans, squid and large groups of up to 200 throng around Luderitz fishing vessels.

Description: Male and female are alike in plumage colouration. Throat, belly and breast predominately white. Often confused with Pomarine Jaeger which is larger and heavier. No voice at sea, the silence an indication when differentiating between these species of seabird.

Breeding: Migrates south in the winter to coastal waters off Namibia.

Size: 55cm (excluding tail streamers). Weight: 450g. Wingspan: 120cm.

Boat Fishing

Spend the day fishing off the Namibian coast

Deep Sea Fishing

A day spent up to 25km of the coast in search of game fish

Shore Fishing

A day on the beaches of the Skeleton Coast

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