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Birds of Namibia

There are 2 families of Galliformes, Family Phasianidae and Family Numididae. The former are francolins, spurfowls and quails, the latter guineafowls.


Family Phasianidae are medium-sized to large cursorial gamebirds that ground feed. They have characteristic short, arched bills, medium to short legs and strong feet, featuring a reduced and raised hind toe. The wings are short and rounded enabling a brief but unsustainable flight. Females lay between 4 and 12 eggs in a nest scraped in the ground. There are 10 species of this family found in Namibia. They are:


Family Numididae are large, brightly coloured gamebirds. They have short and rounded wings on a stout body enabling them to perform short flights. They forage on the ground but can be found roosting in trees. Their range of habitats include dry savannah to forest. Females lay between 4 and 19 eggs in a nest scraped in the ground. A characteristic high-pitched, repetitive, whistling call heralds their presence. There are 2 species of this family found in Namibia. They are:

Fish River Lodge Hikes

5, 3 or 2 Days - hiking trails in the Fish River Canyon. Hikers carry a day pack and additional luggage is transported to the overnight stops

Mundulea Walking Trails

3 or 4 Days - Absolutely brilliant! One of the best experiences in Namibia

Tok Tokkie Hiking Trail

3 Days - Excellent guided walking trail on the NamibRand private reserve (near Sossusvlei)

Namib Mountain Trail

A day hike between two lodges on the very edge of the Namib Desert

Rostock Ritz Hiking

The Rostock Ritz Lodge north of Sossusvlei (en-route to Swakopmund) has a variety of guided and un-guided hikes ranging in duration from an hour to an entire day

Tsondab Valley Scenic Reserve Hiking

A lodge on the edge of the Namib Desert which offers exceptional hiking & walking

Namibia Safaris