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Orange-winged pytilia

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Orange-winged pytilias (Pytilia afra) favour riverine vegetation in mixed broad-leaved woodlands. Pairs and small groups are common. Also known as the golden-backed pytilia.

Distribution: Only found in Namibia in the Chobe/Zambezi River confluence region.

Diet: Eats grass seeds, termites, spiders and some other insects.

Description: A medium-sized waxbill with dull red wing coverts. Back, rump, nape and mantle golden-olive with a blackish-brown tail. Upper throat and most of face red.

Breeding: A ball-shaped grass and herb nest, lined with (guineafowl) feathers is placed in the fork of a tree in thick cover. From 2 to 5 eggs are laid from February to April and incubated for around 12 days by both male and female.

Size: 12cm. Weight: 17g.

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