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orange river francolin

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: There are 3 species of Orange River francolin with 2 subspecies found in Namibia (Scleroptila levaillantoides jugularis) and (Scleroptila levaillantoides pallidor). The differences are mainly confined to neck and underpart markings. They prefer habitats of open grassland, hilly and mountainous Namibian terrain and Kalahari sweet grasslands. Calling birds will usually perch on a rock or anthill, mainly in the early morning and evening.

Distribution: Scattered populations can be found in central and north-eastern Namibia extending south-east to Botswana.

Diet: Corns, berries, bulbs, flowers, seeds, fallen grain and green shoots are eaten in winter, with insect supplements taken in summer. Leaf bugs, dung beetles, ants and termites, grasshoppers and locust hoppers are also included in the diet. Food is dug up using the bill.

Description: Birds of this genus are fairly small in size with characteristic yellow legs and quail-like back feathers. Their call can be described as musical and whistled. The name Scleroptila means stiff feathers.

Breeding: Only females dig the nest, a scrape in the ground in dense grass, lined with dry grass. Between 3 and 8 eggs are laid in February to June and the young are cared for by both male and female.

Size: 32 to 35cm. Weight: 440g.

The Cababnas | Camp Provenance

Cabana's and permanently erected tents on the banks of the Orange River. This camp also serves as the starting base for several river rafting & canoeing adventures

Goibib Mountain Lodge

An owner run lodge, set in a scenic and mountainous area, just off the main road between Keetmanshoop & Grunau. Comfortable well equipped rooms are complimented by game drives (including night drives) on the large farm

Norotshama Lodge

Nestled in the great valley of the Karas region and situated on the banks of the Orange River, about 50km from the South African / Namibia border post

Orange River Lodge

The Orange River Lodge is situated near Noordoewer on the border between South Africa and Namibia

Sandfontein Lodge

A small lodge set on the third biggest game reserve in Namibia. Expect tranquility and a very personalised service in a remote environment

The White House

Not quite Washington DC! This remote accommodation is basic but extremely popular with those looking for good honest accommodation.

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