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Long-tailed jaeger

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Long-tailed jaegers (Stercoraraius longicaudus) are found singly or in small groups of around 5 birds in their distribution habitat. They roost at sea and fly high over the water, lowering to hug the sea surface when flying into the wind.

Distribution: Observed in outer continental shelf and oceanic waters and they are only observed in Namibian coastal waters after strong winds.

Diet: Follows ships to snatch scraps of food from the water and will scavenge from Cape fur seals for small fish, crustaceans and squid.

Description: Longicaudus is Latin for 'long-tailed'. Often confused with parasite jaeger which is larger and heavier.

Breeding: Breeds mainly north of the Arctic Circle and migrates to warmer summer waters in March/April returning mid May/June.

Size: 40cm (excluding tail streamers). Weight: 275g. Wingspan: 110cm.

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