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Long-billed crombec

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: There are 3 species of long-billed crombecs (Sylvietta rufescens) resident in Namibia. They are very widespread and common in the country with a wide range of habitats that include dry savannahs with scattered trees and bushes, mixed woodland and Acacia thickets.

Distribution: Sylvietta rufescens are found in southern Namibia. Sylvietta rufescens pallida are mainly observed in central parts of the country and Sylvietta rufescens flecki confined to the north and north-east of Namibia.

Diet: Hops along branches, twigs and leaves, at times hanging upside-down to inspect and probe crevices. Also digs into termite tunnels in trees. Eats mainly termites, spider, beetles, ticks, seeds, fruits and nectar.

Description: Reddish bird with a tail so short it can appear to be tailless in flight.

Breeding: A purse-shaped nest, made of grass, leaves and plant fibres is lined with spider web and decorated on the outside by leaves and wood chips. Females lay 1 to 3 eggs between September and March which are incubated for up to 14 days.

Size: 11cm. Weight: 12g.

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