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Lesser black-backed gull

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Lesser black-backed gulls (Larus fuscus) favour pans, dams, rivers and lakes, usually singly or in small groups. Will join grey-headed gulls to roost and preen on mudbanks by day and at night roost on muddy islets or bare rocky areas.

Distribution: Rare in Namibia, observed and recorded at Olusati Dam in northern Namibia and isolated sightings in the Caprivi Strip / Chobe River region. Also seen off the Atlantic Coast at Walvis Bay and Torra Bay.

Diet: An omnivorous bird with a diet that favours both vertebrates and invertebrates as well as plants. Pursues insects in the air.

Description: Fuscus is Latin for 'dusky'. Often confused with the larger kelp gull.

Breeding: Breeds in Holarctic, migrating south for the southern Africa summer.

Size: 65cm. Weight: 750g. Wingspan: 160cm.

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