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karoo korhaan

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: The Karoo korhaan (Eupodotis vigorsii) was proclaimed and named after Nicholas Aylward Vigors (1785-1840) a prominent naturalist who was part of the British zoological scene in the 1800s. This species prefer stoney ground in flat regions and can be observed singly, in pairs or in family groups.

Distribution: Southern Namibia areas such as the Kalahari Desert

Diet: Eats invertebrates such as beetles, grasshoppers and termites by pecking at the ground as it walks. Also grass and seeds.

Description: Medium-sized bird with pale underparts.

Breeding: Only 1 egg is laid at a time by the female, in a shallow scrape which maybe ringed by pebbles on stony ground between June and February.

Size: 60cm. Weight: 1.4kg.

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