Fish River Canyon and along the Orange River searching around tufts of grass and under shrubs for insects. ">
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karoo chat

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Karoo chats (Cercomela schlegelii) were first recorded by a German ornithologist, Hermann Schlegel. They inhabit succulent steppe and desert, dwarf shrub savannah, as well as desert grasslands on stony and gravelly plains.

Distribution: Absent from most of the north and north-east ranges of the country. Found in the Namib Desert, Windhoek, Fish River Canyon and along the Orange River.

Diet: Searches tufts of grass and under shrubs for grasshoppers, termites, beetles, weevils, caterpillars and insect eggs.

Description: Of the 4 subspecies of Karoo chat, 3 can be observed in Namibia. Their differences are linked to geographical variation, mainly in size and the shades of grey on the underparts, rump and upper parts. Birds from the desert, tend to be slightly smaller and paler than other subspecies.

Breeding: Females build a deep cup built on a platform of sticks and twigs. From 2 to 4 eggs are laid between August and March.

Size:16cm. Weight: 30g.

Lake Oanob

A selection of rooms and bungalows surround this large lake. This is a good place to stay if you are looking for complete relaxation, perhaps at the end of the trip before driving to the Windhoek International Airport (which is about 1.5 hours drive away)

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