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jackal buzzard

Birds of Namibia

Introduction: Jackal buzzards (Buteo rufofuscus) inhabit hilly and mountainous regions associated with grassland, semi-desert and open woodland. They are most comfortable singly or in pairs as opposed to small groups and often perch on prominent poles and rocks.

Distribution: Southern Namib Desert, Windhoek, Fish River Canyon.

Diet: Hunts in flight or from favoured perch for roadkills and carcasses. Eats mainly mammals, birds and reptiles such as golden moles, greater cane rat, hares, yellow mongoose and young rock hyrax. Avian prey includes francolins, pigeons, doves, marsh owl and black-shouldered kite. Reptiles include lizards, chameleons and snakes. Also eats frogs, grasshoppers, beetles, large spider and caterpillars.

Description: Rufofuscus is Latin for 'dark or dusky red' referring to the tail colourings.

Breeding: Nests are a branch cup lined with leaves, grass and lichen. Females lay usually 2 eggs between June and October incubated for 40 days.

Size: 50cm. Weight: 1kg. Wingspan: 1.3m.

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